Sunday, December 9, 2007


Even if you hate the holidays you find something that makes it all worth while. i have my small but lovely collection of Christmas songs from indie artists i like. some people like baking cookies...well let's all be happy in drawing something to try and get us in the spirit.

For this challenge I want everyone to find a character from a Christmas or holiday movie they really like and then draw that person. once again no cartoons or those crazy claymation characters please. they can be characters, but they have to be real people. an obvious example could be Bing Crosby as Bob Wallace from White Christmas. or you can go totally left field and find a different kind of movie you consider a holiday movie, like i also consider Gremlins a Holiday movie. This could can have as many people in this as you see fit, have fun.

This is going to be a long challenge so everyone has enough time to chill out over the holidays and get other things done. so you have 4 weeks, make it awesome and the new challenge will be posted in january.

BONUS CHALLENGE: Ready Set Draw Mascot.
real simple. create a mascot and i'll post them all, we can vote and the winner will be put in the banner of the blog and on the faceboook