Monday, July 26, 2010

Challenge #7

Period Superhero Portrait

Ever wonder what batman would look like if he were alive in the 1800's? Or if Wonder Women ever wore shoulder pads? Well now's your chance to explore these ideas and get them onto paper. The goal is to make sure the piece has a strong influence from your chosen period while keeping the recognisablity of your superhero intact. Costumes and outfits can be changed to match your period, just make sure the important elements are there.
This must be a portrait of the hero (or heroes), not a candid or street scene, I highly recommend using lots of photo reference of painting or photos of ACTUAL PORTRAITS to get the backdrops and poses right.
Also, the period must be past or present, nothing from the future!

Any media
Size must be in proportion to portrait sizes (the size that a photo would be or the proportions a painting would be)
You can draw one or more superheroes in the portrait
due by 5pm August 1st

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Harvey Pekar american author

Look at all my amazing patience letting ink dry before touching it. I astound myself. my scanner is acting up, so you just get a photo.

new topic will be up tomorrow so watch for it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Harvey Postoned

things happen, injuries occur, dinner parties get crazy. pretty much the long and short of it is James and I got busy with life or lack of it and are extending the Harvey deadline for ourselves and anyone else who wants to get one in.

all drawings will be in next Sunday by 5pm and then the new topic will be posted Monday along with some new posting guidelines for all participants.


art deco grayscale

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Harvey's Tribute

I love doing portraits, and this one was really meaningful. I couldn't help but get started right away. Harvey, you will be missed.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Viking Beauty Pageant...

Hey everyone! I'm C.J. and I'm one of the new contributors. Here's my cartoony take on the theme.

CHALLENGE #6- The Harvey Pekar Tribute!

Yesterday was a sad day, we lost one of the great heroes of American comics, Harvey Pekar. There was a gloom hanging over everyone who had been touched by his work. While we mourn his loss, let's honor one of the most interesting, rich, and unique voices in comics history.

To celebrate a man who inspired many of us, we are asking that you draw a portrait of Harvey Pekar in any form. He had been chronicling his life for over 30 years in his comic American Splendor which he considered his life's work. Even at 70 his work at The Pekar Project shows that he was anything but finished.

If you read Harvey, you loved Harvey. He took us on a journey, he exposed us to the little things; moments, details, and epiphanies from his daily life. Reading Harvey's work is like taking a walk with an old friend. Let's pretend it's not an end but that we're just turning a corner, shaking hands, and waving goodbye. Until next time, as we part, we think how happy we are that we met him at all.


Viking Beauty Pageant

Phew...a bit later that i wanted...but for some reason i wanted to use gouache and you know....with the waiting for it to dry and all...

Viking Beauty Pageant!

There he is...


I wanted to get more in depth with some stuff but there were all sorts of weird issues with my layers that slowed me down. I want to get better at churning these things out, bing, bang, boom!

Isn't he gorgeous Ladies?!


Viking Beauty Pageant Challenge, O'Donnell Style.

Miss Mjolnir 2010 doing her best Miss South Carolina impression.
Of course, being the product of public school weaned on comics, my knowledge on Vikings is limited to Thor and Donald Duck's Quackshot. YMMV.
(oh, and I guess HHH too?)

Monday, July 5, 2010


Viking Beauty Pageant:

Vikings are beautiful too!
You can draw either men or women for this, just draw an actual scene or partial background telling us what the viking (or vikings) are doing.
Whether it's the victory runway, talent show or what have you. So no floating heads or stand alone characters

Any size or media for this again
One week turn around so all entries in for next Monday

have fun!

Clowns submission

squeezing in at the last moment (i claim the holiday as an excuse)here are my clowns. 5 brothers...their mother is very proud

My 2 cents on 5 clowns.

Hullo, I'm Stephanie. I'll be your contributor for this post!

Here is how I spent yesterday's glorious night of freedom anniversaries:

From l to r: Something that probably was subconsciously inspired by an 80s record, a regular run o' the mill clown guy (using the term very loosely), a Commedia Dell'Arte inspired character, everyone's favorite type of human being, and of course, Macho Man Randy Savage as a birthday clown.

5 CLOWNS, Allan Dorison

I know Allan from MOCCA (the museum of comic and cartoon art) from before they even had the Art fest's. Anyway he is an awesome dude and he is good friends with a childhood buddy Matt Murray(currently a writer at 'Forces of Geek').

He sent me this post it note clown collage...

allan dorison,clowns

I have been following his comic strips on facebook, here is one of my faves: Grasping at Straws

Check back often for the updates,

Friday, July 2, 2010


Hi, I thought I'd open this with a quote.

"To me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kind of scary. I've wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad". - Jack Handy

james jajac,clowns

Looking forward to seeing yours Leslie!