Saturday, October 2, 2010

Challenge #10

Wow, ten already.

This will be a little flouncy and a little fun. October is my favourite month and it houses my fav holiday of all time, so this challenge will be MONSTER PARTY!

Now this isn't a complete free for all. I don't want this to be concept art or a portrait. This is going to be full page illustration of monsters having a party.
These can be monsters that you make up yourself or the classics we all know and love.

ok specs
-full colour or grey scale with one spot colour
-8x10 landscape or portrait orientation
-this must have a background
-at least 3 monsters to make a party

Due on Halloween

(so you might want to get this done early with parties going on)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Back to school

back to school

something about uniforms and individuality

new topic tomorrow!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Challenge #9

A day late and a dollar short, sorry for the internet has been wonky


This phrase surrounds us now. In commercials, in the paper and damn near every store you walk into has some noise about back to school. Whether it's a blowout clothing sale or the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil this time of year has a feeling that is hard to ignore. Having just finished my education this phrase stings just a little because it is the oddest thing in the world for it to be September and for me to not be living in a tiny room in Canada and fighting my alarm clock every morning before class.

Bringing us to our challenge for the month. Pretend you are doing and illustration for a magazine/newspaper/website and the article has the theme of "back to school" this could be about gradeschool up to university, the choice is yours. If you can find a real article to do an illustration for...GREAT! If not just try and give us the jist of what kind of article your illo is aimed towards (example: kindergardner's facing the pressures of the first day of school)

The Illustration will be full colour and occupy half of the page. For the sake of guidelines let's say it has be horizontal orientation 5x7. This can be design driven or done with traditional media and should be editorial and slightly narrative.

you have about a month

To Recap:
Subject-illustration for Back to School article
Full Colour
5x7 landscape format

Due: Oct 1st

sharpen those pencils, get thos gross chunky pink erasers and get drawing!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the Maxx covered

A bit more literal than I would have liked...but I also really love this striking. Sam Keith...he kinda rocks a lot


Friday, August 27, 2010

X-Men #24

Taking a medium print out and translating it to an 11x17 page, then comparing the final work to the original, I can already see where I went wrong. Angles, color scheme, sizing, but...who cares? I don't care. /Steve Brule

It ain't perfect, but it's rock n' roll.

C.J.'s Walking Dead cover

I honestly don't read a TON of comics these days, but I read the crap out of The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Challenge #8


Taking a que for this great blog James pointed out
We both thought it would be a really cool and fun project to try. So the challenge this time is as simple as that, find a comicbook cover that inspires you, has great colour, your fav hero or even one you think kinda sucks and COVER it.
Like a good cover song this could be a note for note version of the original with your style and flare added or a complete re imaging of the cover.

A couple rules though...
-The main character(s) must remain on the cover. it's ok to leave out crowds scenes, but all the key players must be there
-You must stay within the comic book size limitations
-Most of the type still has to be represented. The main title and subtitles, price etc....should all be there. they can be hand drawn! (if there are lots of word bubbles like on the old covers you can leave those off or condense and reinterpret the text)

Deadline: 1 Month
drawings due by 5pm Sept1st

(please don't post your drawings till at least a few days before the deadline.)

Take your time, choose something out of your comfort zone and have fun!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

1920s Flapper Storm

Literal whirlwinds on the dance floor when Ororo takes center stage.

Victorian Diana

my scanner is still acting up, so here's a crappy photo.

Woman Woman makes a lovely Victorian.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Challenge #7

Period Superhero Portrait

Ever wonder what batman would look like if he were alive in the 1800's? Or if Wonder Women ever wore shoulder pads? Well now's your chance to explore these ideas and get them onto paper. The goal is to make sure the piece has a strong influence from your chosen period while keeping the recognisablity of your superhero intact. Costumes and outfits can be changed to match your period, just make sure the important elements are there.
This must be a portrait of the hero (or heroes), not a candid or street scene, I highly recommend using lots of photo reference of painting or photos of ACTUAL PORTRAITS to get the backdrops and poses right.
Also, the period must be past or present, nothing from the future!

Any media
Size must be in proportion to portrait sizes (the size that a photo would be or the proportions a painting would be)
You can draw one or more superheroes in the portrait
due by 5pm August 1st

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Harvey Pekar american author

Look at all my amazing patience letting ink dry before touching it. I astound myself. my scanner is acting up, so you just get a photo.

new topic will be up tomorrow so watch for it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Harvey Postoned

things happen, injuries occur, dinner parties get crazy. pretty much the long and short of it is James and I got busy with life or lack of it and are extending the Harvey deadline for ourselves and anyone else who wants to get one in.

all drawings will be in next Sunday by 5pm and then the new topic will be posted Monday along with some new posting guidelines for all participants.


art deco grayscale

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Harvey's Tribute

I love doing portraits, and this one was really meaningful. I couldn't help but get started right away. Harvey, you will be missed.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Viking Beauty Pageant...

Hey everyone! I'm C.J. and I'm one of the new contributors. Here's my cartoony take on the theme.

CHALLENGE #6- The Harvey Pekar Tribute!

Yesterday was a sad day, we lost one of the great heroes of American comics, Harvey Pekar. There was a gloom hanging over everyone who had been touched by his work. While we mourn his loss, let's honor one of the most interesting, rich, and unique voices in comics history.

To celebrate a man who inspired many of us, we are asking that you draw a portrait of Harvey Pekar in any form. He had been chronicling his life for over 30 years in his comic American Splendor which he considered his life's work. Even at 70 his work at The Pekar Project shows that he was anything but finished.

If you read Harvey, you loved Harvey. He took us on a journey, he exposed us to the little things; moments, details, and epiphanies from his daily life. Reading Harvey's work is like taking a walk with an old friend. Let's pretend it's not an end but that we're just turning a corner, shaking hands, and waving goodbye. Until next time, as we part, we think how happy we are that we met him at all.


Viking Beauty Pageant

Phew...a bit later that i wanted...but for some reason i wanted to use gouache and you know....with the waiting for it to dry and all...

Viking Beauty Pageant!

There he is...


I wanted to get more in depth with some stuff but there were all sorts of weird issues with my layers that slowed me down. I want to get better at churning these things out, bing, bang, boom!

Isn't he gorgeous Ladies?!


Viking Beauty Pageant Challenge, O'Donnell Style.

Miss Mjolnir 2010 doing her best Miss South Carolina impression.
Of course, being the product of public school weaned on comics, my knowledge on Vikings is limited to Thor and Donald Duck's Quackshot. YMMV.
(oh, and I guess HHH too?)

Monday, July 5, 2010


Viking Beauty Pageant:

Vikings are beautiful too!
You can draw either men or women for this, just draw an actual scene or partial background telling us what the viking (or vikings) are doing.
Whether it's the victory runway, talent show or what have you. So no floating heads or stand alone characters

Any size or media for this again
One week turn around so all entries in for next Monday

have fun!

Clowns submission

squeezing in at the last moment (i claim the holiday as an excuse)here are my clowns. 5 brothers...their mother is very proud

My 2 cents on 5 clowns.

Hullo, I'm Stephanie. I'll be your contributor for this post!

Here is how I spent yesterday's glorious night of freedom anniversaries:

From l to r: Something that probably was subconsciously inspired by an 80s record, a regular run o' the mill clown guy (using the term very loosely), a Commedia Dell'Arte inspired character, everyone's favorite type of human being, and of course, Macho Man Randy Savage as a birthday clown.

5 CLOWNS, Allan Dorison

I know Allan from MOCCA (the museum of comic and cartoon art) from before they even had the Art fest's. Anyway he is an awesome dude and he is good friends with a childhood buddy Matt Murray(currently a writer at 'Forces of Geek').

He sent me this post it note clown collage...

allan dorison,clowns

I have been following his comic strips on facebook, here is one of my faves: Grasping at Straws

Check back often for the updates,

Friday, July 2, 2010


Hi, I thought I'd open this with a quote.

"To me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kind of scary. I've wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad". - Jack Handy

james jajac,clowns

Looking forward to seeing yours Leslie!


Monday, June 28, 2010

ok...i guess i'll post it.....NEW TOPIC

Hello everyone!

I guess James fell asleep or was too busy being super rad to post up the new it falls upon me to do so.

scary, happy, goofy, dirty, french, mimes WHATEVER! do they scare you? TOO BAD!
because this week we are drawing clowns. that's right...clownS as in plural, more than one. Five to be exact.

The challenge this week is to draw a cohesive group or family of clowns containing 5 members (no more, no less). Like the clown family in Dumbo.

one week turn around...any media...and as always have fun! GO!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

new members! Fantastic

Jeez, you think a girl could have a vacation...but just because James got his done nice and early didn't mean that I was going to cut my Toronto visit short to get this in....and it's not like this is even late or anything.

ok...i had a lot of ideas stirring for this project..i mean, who doesn't think about drawing stuff dressed as other stuff? after a cupcake party recently i was trying to explain to some people what people were asked to draw this week and someone misheard me...and well, this was the result.

i certainly hope no one is offended by it....not like i ever plan on censoring my art, but i just wnat everyone to know that is is meant to be humourous....ah it is.

it's a giraffe in a jew suit? get it? jew-raffe

that being over and done with my fearless co-pilot should be posting the new topid shortly! stay tuned kiddies

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A (BLANK) in a (BLANK) suit.

Hi, I am presenting this for Leslie since she is away. I started doodling last night and look what happened! A bear in a robot suit!


I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing Leslie's contribution (hopefully it is not a bear in a robot suit)! -James J.


The wonderful Stephanie O'Donnell, Formerly the queen of The Original Nutty Funsters:


and now the purveyor of the Perfect Agent:

perfect agent comic

has contributed the hilarious "Female Cenobite in a politician suit". No one does concept like SOD. The girl is throw-down funny. See more? Yes: SOD Portfolio

female cenobite for president

P.S. - If you don't know what a Cenobite is, google "Clive Barker/Neck Vagina" (or cenobite...I guess).


Good morning, I am pleased to announce the amazing Cormac McEvoy (toy designer extraordinaire) has joined us today with his amazing drawing of a Business man in a Bee Suit!

Cormac McEvoy

You can see more of his at

Comac McEvoy's Art Blog

This links to a funny comic about the Riddler, but be sure to scroll through and his check out all of his work. You won't regret it, he is someone to watch.

This is James again, in place of Leslie, whom we all miss terribly : (

Monday, June 21, 2010

no apologies for tomorrow

Hello all 5 viewers...why aren't you contributors yet eh?

Seeing as James does not share my luxurious life of unemployment i'll be taking over completely to keep this thing afloat. it may mean the challenges will get really dumb....or real personal to suit my mood, and it may mean that i'll be the only one drawing.....

BUT! this ship ain't sinking on my watch.

quick one week turn around for this one folks, any medium any size

draw BLANK in a BLANK suit (like a fish in a bear suit or whatever)
draw it however you want, make it goofy make it fun and get going because you only have a week!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

deadline extended, but i'm done...

James had to be an amazing fiance so he's taking out his girl and didn't have time to draw. hehe so the deadline is getting extended another week. that also means James has more time to think of a fun new topic. we'll also be deciding if these will be bi-weekly until we hit our momentum.

For all you Michigan folks i will be at the Cherry Capitol Convention next weekend, so i wanted to get mine done and over with. here ya go:

it was pretty hard to choose...i love so many artists. i decided with stick with an illustrator...and try to not draw someone i know personally. for some reason i couldn't shake Dean Haspiel from my instead of straining to find someone else i just went with it.

i've loved his work for years now and he draws the best should go check some out at ACT-I-VATE

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moving right along...

Ok, so we just got done indulging our vanity with self portraits how about we stroke someone else's ego, eh?

Challenge: for the next challenge draw your favorite contemporary (living) artist. Are they a comic book artist? Illustrator? Fine Artist? Whatever! as long as you like them and they are still alive.

Specs: Add some element of their style...whether or not you do the portrait their way down pat...or if you use the same medium they use or just add background elements. Their style or artistic personality needs to be represented in some way. Just be creative with it and have fun...
no size limitation.

Deadline: Sunday/Monday (this challenge will be a little quicker, but next week the new challenge will be listed the same time as the art from this challenge goes up.)

get those fingers limber and start choosing your fave artistic dude or lady...aaaannnndd DRAW!

Monday, May 31, 2010

better late than never

so with my lack of a computer it also means i don't have a scanner. this shoddy netbook that i've been working on (grateful as i am for it...) doesn't even have a disc drive so I don't even have the hope of installing a scanner.

anyways...i'm not going to start asking for financial aid...yet. so here's a blurry photo of my piece for the challenge.

when I was younger i looked just like drew barrymore when she was in firestarter (well E.T. too, but i'm a hellion)
my fire was fueled by a love of the ocean, aquatic mammals and drawing. i drew the same mermaid about 100 times over and over when i was younger....always on blue construction paper. so yeah, i wish i had a good clean scan of this, sorry.

James' will be a little late...but i bet it's going to ROCK.

Here I am, sorry I am late, WHEW. Leslie this is awesome! You color is amazing and I love the way your have interpreted your childhood self! I meant to go in a similar direction but ended up leaning toward photo realism. I recently found this old photo of me decked out and on the way to a birthday party, I clearly just got balled out for something and I look pissed and just about to cry. I think it is cute how serious my expression is while I simultaneously clutch my baby cookie monster doll. I don't think I quite got it, I look angry instead of sullen and fiancee says my head is too big and that the picture was cuter, but what ever, C is for Cookie and that is good enough for me! Drawn with ballpoint pen and finished with crayon.


Thanks Leslie!

Monday, May 24, 2010

back from the dead

SO! we're back...accepting new recruits and with an awesome second in command that's gonna help me make sure that this doesn't fall behind.

first up, if you don't know James Jajac then...well you haven't stumbled upon one of the more talented dudes i know. go check out his blog

so we're going to try and make this a weekly drawing challenge, this time with size and media specifications on most projects for added challenging fun.

here's the opener that James thought up. set to debut a week from today!

Childhood images: portrait of your self as a child. Have fun with this because what the image is is entirely up to you, it could range from a representative drawing of yourself as a child, to an abstract jumble made of dream and nightmares

Specs: A uniform white border with those picture tabs on the corners so they look like a photo album! Dimensions should reflect actual photo sizing (4x6", 8x10", square/ polaroid... any standard photo size without being cropped.

get those pencils revved up and the brushes prepped... it's time to get drawing!!!

(note: anyone wishing to join please contact me via e-mail)