Monday, August 2, 2010

Challenge #8


Taking a que for this great blog James pointed out
We both thought it would be a really cool and fun project to try. So the challenge this time is as simple as that, find a comicbook cover that inspires you, has great colour, your fav hero or even one you think kinda sucks and COVER it.
Like a good cover song this could be a note for note version of the original with your style and flare added or a complete re imaging of the cover.

A couple rules though...
-The main character(s) must remain on the cover. it's ok to leave out crowds scenes, but all the key players must be there
-You must stay within the comic book size limitations
-Most of the type still has to be represented. The main title and subtitles, price etc....should all be there. they can be hand drawn! (if there are lots of word bubbles like on the old covers you can leave those off or condense and reinterpret the text)

Deadline: 1 Month
drawings due by 5pm Sept1st

(please don't post your drawings till at least a few days before the deadline.)

Take your time, choose something out of your comfort zone and have fun!

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C.J. said...

Oh man, I am all over this. This is how I learned to draw in the first place. Great idea!