Thursday, March 27, 2008

dead dudes from a while ago

so i FINALLY scanned my warhol. about damn time eh? here's the colour reliefe caricature i painted based on it. the picture kinda sucks. i took a ton and this was the best if you can believe it, i need a tripod.

i haven't done the facebook one yet, i'm actually having trouble choosing someone. i'm weird.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Challenge #5: Sam Gorrie's entry

Hey! great assignment Leslie. I drew my friend Jenny, she's a party animal with a great face & great shape, so i had to do a full body caricature. I just hope i live long enough to get a bit of positive feedback before she comes over here and murders me.

Challenge #5 Facebook Faceoff!

Ok, my #4 is done, but i kinda handed it in as an assignment (killing two birds with one stone) and forgot to scan it before i did that. i am dumb.

but here's a new challenge, because even if i haven't been drawing, i've been getting the itch a lot. so #5 is an easy one.


that's it. most of use have facebook, so go and look at your friends page and get drawing. it could be someone you've always wanted to draw, or someone that you're so good at drawing, you could do it in yer sleep. just get drawing and get posting! as an added challenge, think about a fun body situation to put the person in. it could be something they hate, or something wildly appropriate for them, but something that will make it a little more interesting than just a face.

if you don't have facebook, maybe myspace? or just look at one of your friends. post reference to let us know what they look like.

*for NCN members* sam and i are probably going to start tag teaming more faces from the forums to get us drawing again. we did Kage, i think we're doing Kapnicky soon. feel frfee to join in!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my kage sucks!

here's mine, using the same reference as sam. it's not terribly good. but that's what i get for not looking for awesome reference...or paying attention to things more

kage nakanishi

I haven't posted anything in a long time.
Leslie and I decided to draw Kage Nakanishi tonight. He's the winner of the 2007 golden nosey, the top award at the annual national caricature network convention.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Challenge #4: Dead Dudes

so a lot of people are dead, some argue that the coolest people ever are the ones that have already kicked the bucket. so in honor of the new year and a fresh start, let's take a look back.
for this challenge you have to draw someone who you highly admire (and artist, musician or other figure) and has inspired your work...but is now dead.

this is a two week Challenge. have fun, post lots of stuff and draw draw draw!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

yeah ok, i suck

here's the drawing i did for scandalous...WEEKS ago. i was able to scan this before my scanner promply decided it didn't want to work anymore. sweet. it's amy winehouse. she's a drunk, and a drug addict. it's so bad her teeth are falling out. SCANDAL!

i scrapped my Holiday idea because i didn't like how it was going, so i've decided to just scrap the topic. no one did why bother. a new topic will be up soon. for now i'm just not in the best mind set ever and i need to do some other things.