Sunday, December 9, 2007


Even if you hate the holidays you find something that makes it all worth while. i have my small but lovely collection of Christmas songs from indie artists i like. some people like baking cookies...well let's all be happy in drawing something to try and get us in the spirit.

For this challenge I want everyone to find a character from a Christmas or holiday movie they really like and then draw that person. once again no cartoons or those crazy claymation characters please. they can be characters, but they have to be real people. an obvious example could be Bing Crosby as Bob Wallace from White Christmas. or you can go totally left field and find a different kind of movie you consider a holiday movie, like i also consider Gremlins a Holiday movie. This could can have as many people in this as you see fit, have fun.

This is going to be a long challenge so everyone has enough time to chill out over the holidays and get other things done. so you have 4 weeks, make it awesome and the new challenge will be posted in january.

BONUS CHALLENGE: Ready Set Draw Mascot.
real simple. create a mascot and i'll post them all, we can vote and the winner will be put in the banner of the blog and on the faceboook


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Challenge #2: Scandalous!

Celebrities, they're always in the lime light even when they don't want to be. something about being famous just puts your life on display. you may not agree with it, but you can't really ignore it.

The new challenge is to draw a celeb that you think has been pretty scandalous. some pretty obvious examples are Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, and Britteny Spears to name a few. the event can be recent or have taken place decades ago.
If you want an extra challenge, try including the scandalous behavior in abody situation or interesting background.

since a lot of us are students and the semester is coming to a close, this will be a two week challenge. so get going!

(and rosemary, you've already drawn Paris, so you can't do her unless you do a whole new one HAHA)

The Johns a dynamic duo of awesome music

John Flansburgh and John Linnell of They Might Be Giants Fame. first of all, if you don't know their music, get get educated, they're awesome. give me a blank CD and i'll make you a mix.
i don't hate the drawing. but it's definitely a first attempt, i want to do more. i spend too much time thinking about it and not doing it...i think i liked my lose minute version. i also lacked the reference i wanted. the colour is a bit wonky,it kinda got muddy (like on linnel's chin) and i just couldn't fix it. i'm not goig to work into it anymore and just do another one in the future. the likeness on linnel is fair...but not somuch for flansburgh. boo

here's a photo so you can kinda see what they look like. i used reference from different time periods so i pieces stuff together i liked, but tried not to make them look too young.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


ok, i'm busy, you're busy...we're all busy. on top of that, the subjects i chose for this challeng just aren't causing greatness to leap out onto the page...and i'm not satisfied with the reference for my new idea. let's give it another week.

we all have school or work or both keeping our minds in a knot. so take some more time, get it done and i'll see you on the 25th with a shiny new challenge.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Challenge #1: Dynamic Duo

Batman and Robin aren't the only Dynamic Duo out there. the first challenge officially opening this blog is to draw a pair that you truly think make a great team. you can interpret this any way you want, but make sure your drawing is based on real people. for example, if you want to draw Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan, you must draw Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley, not your own interpretation of the characters. you've got a week, i'll be answering all questions as they come up and if more than one of you needs an extension i'll post-pone the deadline another week. please keep the drawing to only two subjects, i'll be offering larger challenges later after everyone gets into the swing of things.

ok get drawing, have fun and feel free to post progress pictures!

EDIT: i forgot to Mention this before, but if you want to draw a non-famous person it's totally allowed. Please include photo reference though, so we know what they look like.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Preview Callenge: Robert Goulet

With his recent passing (so sad) this was the drawing to finally start what sam and i had been discussing since the NCN convention in early October.

This blog was set up as a place for Sam Gorrie and i for work on our caricatures and get warmed up for the NCN convention and portfolio for next year. any artists interested on having fun and working on faces and likeness, whether you're a caricature artst or not, feel free to participate. e-mail me and i can add you to the list of authors.

Projects will be outlined by myself or sam, and the turn around will be a week to two weeks. suggestions are welcome, but please keep it focussed on subjects and not concepts. if you want concepts then illustration friday is pretty darn rad.

so any questions, just let me know. i'll give any new comers a chance to draw goulet if you want and we'll start in a week. sound good? ok