Sunday, November 11, 2007

Challenge #1: Dynamic Duo

Batman and Robin aren't the only Dynamic Duo out there. the first challenge officially opening this blog is to draw a pair that you truly think make a great team. you can interpret this any way you want, but make sure your drawing is based on real people. for example, if you want to draw Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan, you must draw Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley, not your own interpretation of the characters. you've got a week, i'll be answering all questions as they come up and if more than one of you needs an extension i'll post-pone the deadline another week. please keep the drawing to only two subjects, i'll be offering larger challenges later after everyone gets into the swing of things.

ok get drawing, have fun and feel free to post progress pictures!

EDIT: i forgot to Mention this before, but if you want to draw a non-famous person it's totally allowed. Please include photo reference though, so we know what they look like.

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