Monday, January 21, 2008

Challenge #4: Dead Dudes

so a lot of people are dead, some argue that the coolest people ever are the ones that have already kicked the bucket. so in honor of the new year and a fresh start, let's take a look back.
for this challenge you have to draw someone who you highly admire (and artist, musician or other figure) and has inspired your work...but is now dead.

this is a two week Challenge. have fun, post lots of stuff and draw draw draw!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

yeah ok, i suck

here's the drawing i did for scandalous...WEEKS ago. i was able to scan this before my scanner promply decided it didn't want to work anymore. sweet. it's amy winehouse. she's a drunk, and a drug addict. it's so bad her teeth are falling out. SCANDAL!

i scrapped my Holiday idea because i didn't like how it was going, so i've decided to just scrap the topic. no one did why bother. a new topic will be up soon. for now i'm just not in the best mind set ever and i need to do some other things.