Thursday, September 2, 2010

Challenge #9

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This phrase surrounds us now. In commercials, in the paper and damn near every store you walk into has some noise about back to school. Whether it's a blowout clothing sale or the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil this time of year has a feeling that is hard to ignore. Having just finished my education this phrase stings just a little because it is the oddest thing in the world for it to be September and for me to not be living in a tiny room in Canada and fighting my alarm clock every morning before class.

Bringing us to our challenge for the month. Pretend you are doing and illustration for a magazine/newspaper/website and the article has the theme of "back to school" this could be about gradeschool up to university, the choice is yours. If you can find a real article to do an illustration for...GREAT! If not just try and give us the jist of what kind of article your illo is aimed towards (example: kindergardner's facing the pressures of the first day of school)

The Illustration will be full colour and occupy half of the page. For the sake of guidelines let's say it has be horizontal orientation 5x7. This can be design driven or done with traditional media and should be editorial and slightly narrative.

you have about a month

To Recap:
Subject-illustration for Back to School article
Full Colour
5x7 landscape format

Due: Oct 1st

sharpen those pencils, get thos gross chunky pink erasers and get drawing!

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