Monday, June 7, 2010

deadline extended, but i'm done...

James had to be an amazing fiance so he's taking out his girl and didn't have time to draw. hehe so the deadline is getting extended another week. that also means James has more time to think of a fun new topic. we'll also be deciding if these will be bi-weekly until we hit our momentum.

For all you Michigan folks i will be at the Cherry Capitol Convention next weekend, so i wanted to get mine done and over with. here ya go:

it was pretty hard to choose...i love so many artists. i decided with stick with an illustrator...and try to not draw someone i know personally. for some reason i couldn't shake Dean Haspiel from my instead of straining to find someone else i just went with it.

i've loved his work for years now and he draws the best should go check some out at ACT-I-VATE


Dean Haspiel said...

I'm honored! Thanks, Leslie!

RP said...

I almost didn't recognize Dino! with his shirt on. But yes....Dino! and his artwork do stick in one's mind.

Leslie said...

You're Welcome Dean...Your stuff's really great!

and yeah RP, Chip Zdarsky said the same I guess i'll just have to do another one