Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moving right along...

Ok, so we just got done indulging our vanity with self portraits how about we stroke someone else's ego, eh?

Challenge: for the next challenge draw your favorite contemporary (living) artist. Are they a comic book artist? Illustrator? Fine Artist? Whatever! as long as you like them and they are still alive.

Specs: Add some element of their style...whether or not you do the portrait their way down pat...or if you use the same medium they use or just add background elements. Their style or artistic personality needs to be represented in some way. Just be creative with it and have fun...
no size limitation.

Deadline: Sunday/Monday (this challenge will be a little quicker, but next week the new challenge will be listed the same time as the art from this challenge goes up.)

get those fingers limber and start choosing your fave artistic dude or lady...aaaannnndd DRAW!

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