Sunday, June 27, 2010

new members! Fantastic

Jeez, you think a girl could have a vacation...but just because James got his done nice and early didn't mean that I was going to cut my Toronto visit short to get this in....and it's not like this is even late or anything.

ok...i had a lot of ideas stirring for this project..i mean, who doesn't think about drawing stuff dressed as other stuff? after a cupcake party recently i was trying to explain to some people what people were asked to draw this week and someone misheard me...and well, this was the result.

i certainly hope no one is offended by it....not like i ever plan on censoring my art, but i just wnat everyone to know that is is meant to be humourous....ah it is.

it's a giraffe in a jew suit? get it? jew-raffe

that being over and done with my fearless co-pilot should be posting the new topid shortly! stay tuned kiddies

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