Monday, July 5, 2010


Viking Beauty Pageant:

Vikings are beautiful too!
You can draw either men or women for this, just draw an actual scene or partial background telling us what the viking (or vikings) are doing.
Whether it's the victory runway, talent show or what have you. So no floating heads or stand alone characters

Any size or media for this again
One week turn around so all entries in for next Monday

have fun!


C.J. said...
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C.J. said...

Here's mine. I should learn to read slower. I drew this thinking "fashion show" and not "beauty pageant." I could've gone somewhere else with it. Oh well!

Leslie said...

hey have the time to redo it. and if you post again can you please post the picture and not just a link to your blog? Thanks

has james sent you an invite?

C.J. said...

No, he hasn't. I just found you guys through Stephanie.