Monday, July 12, 2010

CHALLENGE #6- The Harvey Pekar Tribute!

Yesterday was a sad day, we lost one of the great heroes of American comics, Harvey Pekar. There was a gloom hanging over everyone who had been touched by his work. While we mourn his loss, let's honor one of the most interesting, rich, and unique voices in comics history.

To celebrate a man who inspired many of us, we are asking that you draw a portrait of Harvey Pekar in any form. He had been chronicling his life for over 30 years in his comic American Splendor which he considered his life's work. Even at 70 his work at The Pekar Project shows that he was anything but finished.

If you read Harvey, you loved Harvey. He took us on a journey, he exposed us to the little things; moments, details, and epiphanies from his daily life. Reading Harvey's work is like taking a walk with an old friend. Let's pretend it's not an end but that we're just turning a corner, shaking hands, and waving goodbye. Until next time, as we part, we think how happy we are that we met him at all.


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