Monday, July 26, 2010

Challenge #7

Period Superhero Portrait

Ever wonder what batman would look like if he were alive in the 1800's? Or if Wonder Women ever wore shoulder pads? Well now's your chance to explore these ideas and get them onto paper. The goal is to make sure the piece has a strong influence from your chosen period while keeping the recognisablity of your superhero intact. Costumes and outfits can be changed to match your period, just make sure the important elements are there.
This must be a portrait of the hero (or heroes), not a candid or street scene, I highly recommend using lots of photo reference of painting or photos of ACTUAL PORTRAITS to get the backdrops and poses right.
Also, the period must be past or present, nothing from the future!

Any media
Size must be in proportion to portrait sizes (the size that a photo would be or the proportions a painting would be)
You can draw one or more superheroes in the portrait
due by 5pm August 1st

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