Monday, May 24, 2010

back from the dead

SO! we're back...accepting new recruits and with an awesome second in command that's gonna help me make sure that this doesn't fall behind.

first up, if you don't know James Jajac then...well you haven't stumbled upon one of the more talented dudes i know. go check out his blog

so we're going to try and make this a weekly drawing challenge, this time with size and media specifications on most projects for added challenging fun.

here's the opener that James thought up. set to debut a week from today!

Childhood images: portrait of your self as a child. Have fun with this because what the image is is entirely up to you, it could range from a representative drawing of yourself as a child, to an abstract jumble made of dream and nightmares

Specs: A uniform white border with those picture tabs on the corners so they look like a photo album! Dimensions should reflect actual photo sizing (4x6", 8x10", square/ polaroid... any standard photo size without being cropped.

get those pencils revved up and the brushes prepped... it's time to get drawing!!!

(note: anyone wishing to join please contact me via e-mail)

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