Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jacot's Logo Concept

Alright well looks like I'm the last one to this party... Or am I just making a big enterance?

Aw, hell... who cares. Thought I'd share my logo concept, I'm still working on a project that has a tight deadline... Hence why this concept is only inked. Color version should come by the end of next week.

So here we go, without further ado (except this and the previous statement about there not being any "further ado") I present my concept for Ready Set Draw

If you wanna see a larger version just click the image it will open in a new window. So what do you think...



A complete lack of interest?

Don't be afraid to comment, we want to here what you say. We're not just a bunch of pretty faces creating great art... we also randomly break out into song and dance numbers.

Well maybe not so much that last part...


1 comment:

Curt Jensen said...

I love your logo concept!!! I came across it in a Google image search and it made me laugh! I had to click through to see what it was. Great job.